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Zanthoxylum bungeanum(ZANSI)

Code created in: 2001-11-12

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: ZANSI
  • Preferred name: Zanthoxylum bungeanum
  • Authority: Maximowicz



Flora of China treats Z. bungeanum and Z. simulans as separate species, but they have very similar uses

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Zanthoxylum bungei Hance
Zanthoxylum simulans Hance

Common names
Name Language
Chinese pepper tree English
Chinese prickly ash English
flat-spine prickly ash English
Szechuan-Pfefferbaum German
täuschende Stachelesche German
clavalier à feuilles de frêne French
poivrier chinois French
kiespijnboom Dutch
peperhout Dutch
pimenta-da-china Portuguese
pimenteira-da-china Portuguese
yě huā jiāo Chinese
野花椒 Chinese
왕초피나무 Korean
wang cho pi na mu Korean