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Xanthomonas euvesicatoria pv. perforans(XANTPF)

Distribution details in Italy (Sicilia)

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2013: Present, few occurrences
EPPO Reporting Service (2013/245) : during a survey carried out in 2011-2012 in the province of Syracuse, X. perforans was detected in 2 greenhouse tomato crops showing pith necrosis, vascular discolouration, longitudinal splits and external lesions on stems.
* Aiello D, Scuderi G, Vitale A, Firrao G, Polizzi G, Cirvilleri G (2013) A pith necrosis caused by Xanthomonas perforans on tomato plants. European Journal of Plant Pathology 137(1), 29-41.