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Xanthomonas fragariae(XANTFR)

Distribution details in Korea, Republic

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2016: Present, restricted distribution
First recorded in: 2010
EPPO Reporting Service (2018/013) : first reported in 2010 on strawberry field crops near Jinju city and in glasshouses in Okjong-myon and Hadong-gun (Gyeongsangnam-do province). Then detected in other production sites in Gyeongsangnam-do and Jeollabuk-do provinces.
* Kim DR, Gang GH, Jeon CW, Kang NJ, Lee SW, Kwak YS (2016) Epidemiology and control of strawberry bacterial angular leaf spot disease caused by Xanthomonas fragariae. The Plant Pathology Journal 32(4), 290-299.

* Kwon JH, Yoon HS, Kim JS, Shim CK, Nam MH (2010) [Angular leaf spot of strawberry caused by Xanthomonas fragariae]. Research in Plant Disease 16(1), 97-100 (in Korean).
------- First record.

* Yoon MJ, Myung IS, Lee JY, Kim YS, Lee YH, Kim DY, Lee YK (2016) [Distribution of bacterial angular leaf spot of strawberry and characterization of Xanthomonas fragariae strains from Korea]. Research in Plant Disease 22(1), 9-17 (in Korean).