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Xanthomonas fragariae(XANTFR)

Distribution details in United Kingdom (England)

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2011: Absent, pest eradicated
First recorded in: 2004
From CABI Disease map 520 (2013): Absent, pest eradicated
EPPO Reporting Service (2010/096) : X. fragariae was detected for the first time in 2004 in 3 productions sites (2 in South-East England and 1 in Scotland). The pathogen was then successfully eradicated.
* Matthews-Berry SS, Reed PJ (2009) Eradication of the first outbreak of Xanthomonas fragariae in the United Kingdom. Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin 39(2), 171-174.

* NPPO of the UK (2011-01)