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Vitis coignetiae(VITCO)


Organism Type
Acanalonia conica (as Vitis) (ACNLCO) Host
Aphis illinoisensis (as Vitis) (APHIIL) Host
* Aphids on the world's plants (online). http://www.aphidsonworldsplants.info/d_APHIDS_A.htm#Aphis
Brevipalpus azores (as Vitis) (BRVPAZ) Host
Brevipalpus yothersi (as Vitis) (BRVPYO) Host
Daktulosphaira vitifoliae (VITEVI) Host
* Lawo NC, Lawo JP, Plenk S , Schrank E, Forneck A (2013) Short communication. Vitis coignetiae (Pulliat) shows partial resistance against leaf-feeding phylloxera and may serve to preserve abandoned vineyard habitats. Mitteilungen Klosterneuburg 63, 132-138.  https://www.weinobst.at/dam/jcr:6aaeb122-9506-4859-bbb8-b78853460447/132-2013.pdf
------- Asian species. Leaves.
Diabrotica virgifera zeae (as Vitis) (DIABVZ) Host
* Clark SM, LeDoux DG, Seeno TN, Riley EG, Gilbert AJ, Sullivan JM (2004) Host plants of leaf beetle species occurring in the United States and Canada (Coleoptera: Megalopodidae, Orsodacnidae, Chrysomelidae, excluding Bruchinae). Coleopterists Society, Special Publication 2, 615 pp.
------- Adult host.
Grapevine flavescence dorée phytoplasma (PHYP64) Host
* Eveillard S, Jollard C, Labroussaa F, Khalil D, Perrin M, Desqué D, Salar P, Razan F, Hévin C, Bordenave L, Foissac X, Masson JE, Malembic-Maher S (2016) Contrasting susceptibilities to Flavescence dorée in Vitis vinifera, rootstocks and wild Vitis species. Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 1762. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.01762
Homalodisca vitripennis (as Vitis) (HOMLTR) Host
* Adlerz WC (1980) Ecological observations on two leafhoppers that transmit the Pierce’s disease bacteria. Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society 93, 115-120.
------- Adults and nymphs were observed on Vitis sp.

* Hoddle MS, Triapitsyn SV, Morgan DJW (2003) Distribution and plant association records for Homalodisca coagulata (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) in Florida. Florida Entomologist 86(1),  89-91.

* Turner WF, Pollard HN (1959) Life histories and behavior of five insect vectors of phony peach disease. United States Department of Agriculture, Technical Bulletin 1188, 28 pp.
-------- Feeding host.
Neophysopella euvitis (PHLLAM) Host
Phenacoccus solenopsis (as Vitis) (PHENSO) Host
Pseudococcus comstocki (as Vitis) (PSECCO) Host
Xylella fastidiosa (as Vitis) (XYLEFA) Host
Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 2 (as Vitis) (GYSVD2) Major host
Grapevine Pinot gris virus (GPGV00) Wild/Weed
* Abe J, Nabeshima T (2021) First report of grapevine Pinot gris virus in wild grapevines (Vitis coignetiae) in Japan. Journal of Plant Pathology 103, p 725.