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Viola calcarata(VIOCC)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: VIOCC
  • Preferred name: Viola calcarata
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Alps and Balkans. In the most recent treatments, V. calcarata is not distinguished from several subspecies (cavillieri, villarsiana) as well as V. bertolonii (q.v.). Only subsp. zoysii, of the eastern Alps,  is maintained

Common names
Name Language
long-spurred pansy English
Berggilge German
gesporntes Stiefmütterchen German
gesporntes Veilchen German
Kalkveilchen German
langsporniges Stiefmütterchen German
Spornstiefmütterchen German
Spornveilchen German
pensée à long éperon French
pensée des Alpes French
pensée éperonnée French
violette éperonnée French
pensieri-odorosi Italian
viola con sperone Italian
фиалка шпорцевая Russian
manushaqe Albanian