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Verticillium dahliae(VERTDA)


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Verticillium wilt in strawberry at an advanced stage.

Courtesy: Robert Steffek, AGES.

Verticillium dahliae in strawberry crop at an advanced stage; Note: wilting of outer leaves, stunted new emerging leaves.

Courtesy: Robert Steffek, AGES.

Verticillium dahliae in strawberry, cross section through rhizome; Note: discoloration of the vascular bundle.

Courtesy: Robert Steffek, AGES.

Symptoms of Verticillium dahliae on Chrysanthemum morifolium

Courtesy: Andrea Minuto - Centro di Saggio e Laboratorio Fitopatologico, CERSAA, Albenga (IT)

Typical yellowing of leaves in artificially infected plants

Courtesy: Loredana Sigillo

Verticillium wilt (tiger claw symptom) of cotton

Courtesy: Parthasarathy Seethapathy