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Vanda hybrids(VADHY)

Code created in: 2002-02-14

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: VADHY
  • Preferred name: Vanda hybrids


Generic name for all Vanda hybrids. Due to taxonomic changes, x Ascocenda (Ascocentrum x Vanda) and x Nakamotoara (Ascocentrum x Neofinetia x Vanda) are considered here as Vanda hybrids, because the parent genera have been synonymized with Vanda.

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Ascocenda Sideris
Nakamotoara K. Nakamoto & M. Wreford
x Ascocenda Sideris
x Nakamotoara K. Nakamoto & M. Wreford

Common names
Name Language
vanda (hybrids) English
Vanda-Hybriden German
vanda (hybrides) French