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Urtica dioica(URTDI)

Code created in: 2002-02-25

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: URTDI
  • Preferred name: Urtica dioica
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Euromediterranean region (except southeast), Siberia, Central Asia, Western Asia, Himalayas,  India, China (western, including Tibet). A very familiar perennial weed of waste ground, with stinging hairs on the leaves and stems. Used in traditional medicine. The nominate subspecies is from the Old World, while other subspecies (q.v.) are found only in America. Introduced in Russian Far East, South Africa, Canada (British Columbia, eastern provinces, including Greenland), USA (western and eastern, including Alaska), Central America, South America (Colombia, Bolivia, eastern Brazil, southern cone), New Zealand 

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Urtica dioica subsp. dioica Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
common nettle English (GB)
nettle English
perennial nettle English
stinging nettle English
tall nettle English (AU)
Donnernessel German
große Brennessel German
grote brandnetel German
zweihäusige Nessel German
grande ortie French
ortie French
ortie commune French
ortie dioïque French
ortie vivace French
achum Spanish
achume Spanish
achune Spanish
chordiga Spanish
ortiga caballuna Spanish (CL)
ortiga grande Spanish
ortiga mayor Spanish
ortiga vulgar Spanish
urtica maior Spanish
ortica comune Italian
ortica maggiore Italian
ortica maschia Italian
grote brandnetel Dutch
urtiga Portuguese
urtiga-maior Portuguese
urtigão Portuguese
brännässla Swedish
vanlig brännässla Swedish
жгучка Russian
костырка Russian
крапива Russian
крапива двудомная Russian
спорекуша Russian
стреканка Russian
stor nælde Danish
stornesle Norwegian
vanlig stornesle Norwegian
etelännokkonen Finnish
isonokkonen Finnish
nokkonen Finnish
ısırgan Turkish
pokrzywa zwyczajna Polish
nagy csalán Hungarian
hithër Albanian
hithri Albanian
anchordiga Aragonese
chordica Aragonese
ixortiga Aragonese
ortiga Aragonese
ortiga mayor Aragonese
коприва Bulgarian
обикновена коприва Bulgarian
ortiga gran Catalan
ortiga grossa Catalan
ortiga major Catalan
xiripia Catalan
yì zhū qián má Chinese
异株荨麻 Chinese
dvodomna kopriva Croatian
velika kopriva Croatian
kopřiva dvoudomá Czech
kõrvenõges Estonian
πολυετής τσουκνίδα Greek
brenninetla Icelandic
neantóg Irish
lielā nātre Latvian
didžioji dilgėlė Lithuanian
autrigué Occitan
hourtic Occitan
ortigassa Occitan
ourtrigo Occitan
urtiga Occitan
urzică Romanian
обична коприва Serbian
pŕhľava dvojdomá Slovak
žihľava dvojdomá Slovak
velika kopriva Slovene
кропива дводомна Ukrainian
danadl poethion Welsh