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Umbellularia californica(UMBCA)


Organism Type
Phytophthora kernoviae (PHYTKE) Experimental
* Fichtner EJ, Rizzo DM, Kirk SA, Webber JF (2012) Infectivity and sporulation potential of Phytophthora kernoviae to select North American native plants. Plant Pathology 61(2), 224-233.
------- host in inoculation studies.
Euwallacea fornicatus sensu lato (XYLBFO) Host
* Eskalen A, Stouthamer R, Lynch SC, Rugman-Jones PF, Twizeyimana M, Gonzalez A, Thibault T (2013) Host range of Fusarium dieback and its ambrosia beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytinae) vector in southern California. Plant Disease 97(7), 938-951.
Euwallacea fornicatus sensu stricto (EUWAWH) Host
* Mendel Z, Lynch SC, Eskalen A, Protasov A, Maymon M, Freeman S (2021) What determines host range and reproductive performance of an invasive ambrosia beetle Euwallacea fornicatus; lessons from Israel and California. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 4, 654702.
------- Non reproductive host tree in California (US).
Phytophthora ramorum (PHYTRA) Host
* Rizzo DM, Garbelotto M, Davidson JM, Slaughter GW & Koike ST (2002) Phytophthora ramorum and sudden oak death in California: I. host relationships. In. Standiford RB et al. (2002) Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium on Oak Woodlands: Oaks in Californias Challenging Landscape. General Technical Report PSW-GTR-184, Albany, CA: Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture 184, 733-740.
Scirtothrips citri (SCITCI) Host
* Bailey SF (1964) A revision of the genus Scirtothrips Shull (Thysanoptera: Thripidae). Hilgardia 35, 329-362.
------- as "California laurel".