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Typhula incarnata(TYPHIN)

Code created in: 2002-03-30

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Typhula incarnata
  • Authority: Lasch

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Sclerotium fulvum Fries
Typhula graminum auctorum
Typhula itoana Imai

Common names
Name Language
snow blight of cereals English
snow rot of cereals English
speckled snow mould of cereals English
typhula blight of cereals English
Schneefäule: Getreide German
Typhula-Fäule German
moisissure des neiges des céréales French
pourriture à typhula French
typhula des céréales French
tífula de los cereales Spanish
trådklubba Swedish
trådkølle Danish
palecznica zbóz Polish
tifuliozė Lithuanian