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Tilletia tritici(TILLCA)

Last modification: 2001-03-03

Basic information
  • EPPO code: TILLCA
  • Preferred name: Tilletia tritici
  • Authority: (Bjerkander) Wolff

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Tilletia caries (de Candolle) Tulasne & C.Tulasne

Common names
Name Language
common bunt of wheat English
rough-spored bunt of wheat English
stinking smut of wheat English
Hartbrand: Weizen German
Schmierbrand: Weizen German
Steinbrand: Weizen German
Stinkbrand: Weizen German
carie commune du blé French
carie double French
carie du blé French
carie ordinaire du blé French
carbón apestoso: cereales Spanish
caries del trigo Spanish
tizón común del trigo Spanish
stinksot Swedish
твёрдая головня пшеницы Russian
stinkbrand Danish
sniec cuchnaca Polish
kietosios kūlės Lithuanian