EPPO Global Database

Thrips tabaci(THRITB)

Associated EPPO Standards

Number Title Download
PM4/034(1) Production of pathogen-tested herbaceous ornamentals
PM7/003(3) Thrips palmi
PP1/085(3) Thrips on outdoor crops
PP1/160(2) Thrips on glasshouse crops
PP1/267(1) Thrips in Allium crops
PP1/297(1) Thrips on stone fruits and citrus Link
PP1/298(1) Thrips on table grapes Link
PP2/004(2) Allium crops
PP2/009(1) Strawberry
PP2/013(1) Ornamentals under protected cultivation
PP2/015(1) Tobacco
PP2/027(1) Citrus + erratum
PP2/028(1) Cotton
PP2/029(1) Solanaceous crops under protected cultivation
PP2/030(1) Outdoor solanaceous crops
PP2/031(1) Cucurbits under protected cultivation
PP2/032(1) Outdoor cucurbits