EPPO Global Database

Syagrus schizophylla(SYASC)


Organism Type
Raoiella indica (RAOIIN) Minor
Coconut cadang-cadang viroid (CCCVD0) Unclassified
Coconut lethal yellowing phytoplasma (PHYP56) Unclassified
Rhynchophorus palmarum (RHYCPA) Unclassified
* Lepesme P (1947) Les insectes des palmiers. Paul Lechevalier editeur, Paris, 903 pp.
------- As Cocos schizophylla.

* Wattanapongsiri, A. (1966) A revision of the Genera Rhynchophorus and Dynamis. Department of Agricultural Science Bulletin, Bangkok, Thailand.
------- As Cocos schizophylla.