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Saxifraga stellaris subsp. alpigena(SXFSI)

Code created in: 2014-04-14

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SXFSI
  • Preferred name: Saxifraga stellaris subsp. alpigena
  • Authority: Temesy


Western, central and southern Europe (in opposition to the northern and eastern distribution of subsp. stellaris). Cultivated as an alpine ornamental. This subspecies should be redefined in relation to Micranthes stellaris (q.v.)

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Saxifraga stellaris subsp. engleri (Dalla Torre) Fournier
Saxifraga stellaris subsp. robusta (Engler) Gremli

Common names
Name Language
starry saxifrage English
sternblütiger Steinbrech German
Sternsteinbrech German
saxifrage des Alpes French
saxifrage en étoile French
saxifrage étoilée French
saxífraga estrellada Spanish
sassifraga stellata Italian
камнеломка Энглера Russian
iriqëz Albanian
звездеста каменоломка Bulgarian
saxífraga estel·lada Catalan
zvezdasti kamnokreč Slovene