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Stenotaphrum secundatum(STPSE)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: STPSE
  • Preferred name: Stenotaphrum secundatum
  • Authority: (Walter) Kuntze


Tropical Africa, USA (southeast), Central America, Caribbean, South America. Cultivated as a lawn grass for the tropics. Introduced in Mediterranean, Western Asia, China, southeast Asia, many African countries, Australia

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Ischaemum secundatum Walters
Rottboellia stolonifera Poiret
Stenotaphrum americanum Schrank
Stenotaphrum dimidiatium Brongniart
Stenotaphrum dimidiatum (Linnaeus) Brongniart
Stenotaphrum glabrum Trinius

Common names
Name Language
buffalograss English (AU)
common St Augustine grass English (US)
pembagrass English
ramsammygrass English
St Augustine grass English
amerikanisches Hohlspelzengras German
Sankt-Augustin-Gras German
chiendent de boeuf French
herbe bourrique French
sténotaphre américain French
sténotaphrum à deux rangs French
sténotaphrum d'Amérique French
gramillón Spanish (AR)
gramón Spanish
hierba de San Agustín Spanish
loglierella americana Italian
erva-de-Santo-Agostino Portuguese
grama-de-folha-larga Portuguese (BR)
узкобороздник однобокий Russian
stenotafrë Albanian
gram d'Amèrica Catalan
cè dùn yè cǎo Chinese
侧钝叶草 Chinese