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Stemphylium sarciniforme(STEMSA)

Code created in: 2001-10-12

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Stemphylium sarciniforme
  • Authority: (Cavara) Wiltshire

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Macrosporium sarciniforme Cavara
Thyrospora sarciniforme (Cavara) Tehon & E.Y. Daniels

Common names
Name Language
leaf spot of red clover English
ring spot of red clover English
target spot of red clover English
Braunfleckenkrankheit: Rotklee German
Ringfleckenkrankheit: Rotklee German
stemphylium du trèfle violet French
taches rondes du trèfle violet French
tache zonée du trèfle French
estenfilium del trébol violeta Spanish
manchas redondas del trébol violeta Spanish
mancha zonal del trébol Spanish