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Stagonosporopsis curtisii(STAGCU)

Last modification: 2002-04-10

Basic information
  • EPPO code: STAGCU
  • Preferred name: Stagonosporopsis curtisii
  • Authority: (Berkeley) Boerema

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Hendersonia curtisii Berkeley
Phoma amaryllidis Kotthoff & Friedrichsthal
Phyllosticta narcissi Aderhold
Stagonospora curtisii (Berkeley) Saccardo
Stagonospora narcissi Hollós

Common names
Name Language
Roter Brenner: Narzisse German
Roter Brenner: Ritterstern German
leaf scorch of narcissus English
red blotch of amaryllis English
rot-brenner de la amarilis Spanish
rot-brenner del narciso Spanish
rot brenner de l'amaryllis French
rot brenner du narcisse French
rougeot parasitaire de l'amaryllis French