EPPO Global Database

Sequoiadendron giganteum(SQUGI)

Code created in: 2003-05-13

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SQUGI
  • Preferred name: Sequoiadendron giganteum
  • Authority: (Lindley) Buchholz


USA (California). One of the tallest tree species, and in particular the one with the greatest volume. Widely planted in the Euromediterranean region and elsewhere as a specimen tree

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Sequoia gigantea (Lindley) Decaisne
Sequoia washingtoniana (Winslow) Sudworth
Sequoia wellingtonia Seemann
Wellingtonia gigantea Lindley

Common names
Name Language
big tree English
giant redwood English
giant sequoia English
mammoth tree English
Sierra redwood English
wellingtonia English
Mammutbaum German
Riesensequoie German
Urweltmammutbaum German
séquoia géant French
séquoia géant de Californie French
wellingtonia French
árbol del mamut Spanish
secuoya gigante Spanish
sequoia gigante Spanish
sequoia gigante Italian
mammoetboom Dutch
sequoia-gigante Portuguese
mammutträd Swedish
секвойядендрон гигантский Russian
mammuttræ Danish
mamutowe drzewo Polish
mamutowiec olbrzymi Polish
sekwojadendron Polish
sekwoja olbrzymia Polish
welingtonia Polish
hegyi mamutfenyő Hungarian
óriás mamutfenyő Hungarian
велингтония Bulgarian
гигантска секвоя Bulgarian
мамутово дърво Bulgarian
secuoya gigant Catalan
sequoia gegant Catalan
sekvojovec obrovský Czech
џиновска секвоја Serbian
sekvojovec mamutí Slovak
mamutovec Slovene
mamutovo drevo Slovene
секвойядендрон велетенський Ukrainian