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Spondias dulcis(SPXDU)

Code created in: 2001-11-12

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SPXDU
  • Preferred name: Spondias dulcis
  • Authority: Parkinson


Malesia, Pacific Islands.  Cultivated as a fruit and ornamental tree in the tropics. Introduced in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indochina, central Africa, Central America, Caribbean, South America (northern)

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Spondias cytherea Sonnerat

Common names
Name Language
ambarella English
golden apple English
great hog plum English
Jewish plum English
jew-plum English
otaheite apple English
Goldpflaumenbaum German
süsser Balsampflaumenbaum German
Tahiti-Apfelbaum German
Tahiti-Pflaumenbaum German
prunier de Cythère French
ambarella Spanish
cajamanga Spanish (BO)
jobo de la India Spanish
caja-manga Portuguese (BR)
macieira dourada Portuguese