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Spiraea hypericifolia subsp. obovata(SPVOB)

Code created in: 2013-12-13

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SPVOB
  • Preferred name: Spiraea hypericifolia subsp. obovata
  • Authority: (Willdenow) Dostál


Portugal, Spain, southern France. Cultivated as an ornamental shrub. The common names given here may equally apply to other subspecies of S. hypericifolia or indeed to any Spiraea sp.

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Spiraea hispanica Hofmannsegg & Link
Spiraea obovata Willdenow

Common names
Name Language
Iberian spiraea English
St John's wort-leaved spiraea English
johanniskrautblättriger Spierstrauch German
Johanniskrautspierstrauch German
petit mai French
spirée à feuilles de millepertuis French
spirée obovée French
durillo negro Spanish
encineta Spanish
escoba Spanish
espirea Spanish
palilla Spanish
spirea spagnola Italian
hertshooispirea Dutch
grinalda-da-noiva Portuguese
spansk spirea Swedish
спирея зверобоелистная Russian
suručica  Croatian
tavolník třezalkolistý obvejčitý Czech