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Spilocaea pyracanthae(SPILPY)

Last modification: 2016-03-16

This code has been deactivated and replaced by VENTIN

Basic information
  • EPPO code: SPILPY
  • Preferred name: Spilocaea pyracanthae
  • Authority: (G.Otth) von Arx


Synonymized with Fusicladium pomi (Venturia inaequalis)

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Fusicladium pomi (Fries) Lind
Fusicladium pyracanthae (G.Otth) Viennot-Bourgin

Common names
Name Language
Schorf: Feuerdorn German
scab of Pyracantha English
cribado del zarzal Spanish
tavelure du buisson ardent French