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Spergularia diandra(SPBDI)

Code created in: 2002-03-17

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SPBDI
  • Preferred name: Spergularia diandra
  • Authority: (Gussone) Heldreich


Mediterranean, Siberia, Central Asia (Kazakhstan and others), Western Asia (Arabia to Pakistan), Himalayas, China, Sudan. Introduced in Canada (British Columbia), USA (northwest), Argentina

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Spergularia salsuginea Fenzl

Common names
Name Language
spergulaire à deux étamines French
spergulaire de l'eau salée French
spergularia con due stami Italian
торичник двутычинковый Russian
nernedov Turkish
efzarit du'-avkanit Hebrew
אֶפְזָרִית דּוּ-אַבְקָנִית Hebrew
spergulare Albanian
espergulària diandra Catalan
èr xióng ruǐ nǐ qī gū Chinese
二雄蕊拟漆姑 Chinese
σπεργκουλάρια δίανδρος Greek