EPPO Global Database

Solidago canadensis(SOOCA)


Organism Type
Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi (DIABUH) Host
* Clark SM, LeDoux DG, Seeno TN, Riley EG, Gilbert AJ, Sullivan JM (2004) Host plants of leaf beetle species occurring in the United States and Canada (Coleoptera: Megalopodidae, Orsodacnidae, Chrysomelidae, excluding Bruchinae). Coleopterists Society, Special Publication 2, 1-476.
------- Larval host.
Tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV00) Host
* Mullis S, Martinez-Ochoa N (2009) Non-crop hosts of TSWV. In  Mullis SW (ed.) Tospoviruses in Solanaceae and other crops in the coastal plain of Georgia. University of Georgia, CAES Bulletin 1354, 51 p.
------- Confirmed host.