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Solanum linnaeanum(SOLSO)

Code created in: 2001-10-20

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SOLSO
  • Preferred name: Solanum linnaeanum
  • Authority: Hepper & Jäger


South Africa. A weed of waste land. Introduced in Mediterranean region, North America, Australia, New Zealand 

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Solanum hermannii Dunal
Solanum sodomeum Dunal

Common names
Name Language
apple of Sodom English
apple-of-Sodom nightshade English
Sodom-Nachtschatten German
Sodomsapfel German
morelle de Sodome French
pomme de Sodome French
tue-poule French
manzanillas del diablo Spanish
tomatera del diablo Spanish
tomatillos Spanish
morella di Sodoma Italian
pomo di Sodoma Italian
pomodoro selvaggio Italian
solano spinoso Italian
tomateiro-do-diabo Portuguese
tomateiro-do-Sodoma Portuguese
паслён Линнея Russian
solane Albanian
дяволска ябълка Bulgarian
metzines de pometa Catalan
pomera del dimoni Catalan
tomatera de bruixa Catalan
lilek ostnatý Czech
lilek sodomský Czech