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Sanvitalia procumbens(SNVPR)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SNVPR
  • Preferred name: Sanvitalia procumbens
  • Authority: Lamarck


Mexico, Central America. Introduced in Europe, Japan, southeast Asia, USA.

'Sanvitalia speciosa' is often used in trade for creeping zinnias but is not a valid name, and there is uncertainty about the species to which it really corresponds

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Sanvitalia speciosa

Common names
Name Language
creeping zinnia English
Mexican creeping zinnia English
trailing sanvitalia English
Aztekengold German
Husarenknopf German
Husarenköpfchen German
sanvitalie French
ojo de pollo Spanish (HN)
jânomegiku Japanese
sanbitaria Japanese
サンビタリア Japanese
ジャノメギク Japanese
санвиталия распростертая Russian
sanwitalia rozesłana Polish