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Setaria sphacelata(SETSP)

Code created in: 2004-04-23

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SETSP
  • Preferred name: Setaria sphacelata
  • Authority: (Schumacher) Moss


Africa (Mauretania to Sudan, and all south), Madagascar. Introduced in Western Asia (Arabia), Himalayas, India,  Indochina, Malesia (Java, Philippines), China (Taiwan), USA (southern), Mexico, Central America, South America (Brazil, Argentina), New Guinea

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Setaria decipiens de Wit
Setaria sphacelata var. sphacelata (Schumacher) Moss
Setaria splendida Stapf

Common names
Name Language
African bristlegrass English
common bristlegrass English
golden setaria English
golden timothygrass English
small creeping foxtail English (ZA)
South African pigeongrass English (AU)
queue de chien French
kleinkruipmannagras Afrikaans