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Sempervivum tectorum(SEPTE)

Last modification: 2004-04-18

Basic information
  • EPPO code: SEPTE
  • Preferred name: Sempervivum tectorum
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Mountains: Morocco to Alps and Balkans. Cultivated as an ornamental, and in particular grown on rooftops in mountain villages. Naturalized in other European countries. S. tectorum has been divided into subsidiary taxa in various ways and there is no consensus. On the one hand, subsp. tectorum is used for the domesticated plant and subsp. alpinum for the plant in the wild. On the other, subspecies have been distinguished for different localities (alpinum for the Alps, arvernense for the Auvergne, boutignyanum for the Pyrenees)

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Sempervivum alpinum Grisebach & Schenk
Sempervivum andreanum Wale
Sempervivum arvernense Lecoq & Lamotte
Sempervivum boutigynanum Billot & Grenier
Sempervivum nevadense Wale
Sempervivum tectorum subsp. alpinum (Grisebach & Schenk) Wettstein
Sempervivum tectorum subsp. arvernense (Lecoq & Lamotte) Rouy & Camus
Sempervivum tectorum subsp. boutignyanum (Grenier & Billot) Jacobsen
Sempervivum tectorum subsp. tectorum Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
matafoc comé Catalan
netřesk střešní Czech
Alpenhauswurz German
Dachhauswurz German
echte Hauswurz German
gewöhnliche Hauzwurz German
common houseleek English
common house leek English (GB)
hen-and-chickens English (US)
alcachofera de gatos Spanish
barba de Júpiter Spanish
hierba de todo el año Spanish
hierba puntera Spanish
piñuela Spanish
siempreviva mayor Spanish
zurracayoye Spanish
grande joubarbe French
herbe du tonnerre French
joubarbe des Alpes French
joubarbe des toits French
planinska čuvarkuća Croatian
fali kövirózsa Hungarian
semprevivo maggiore Italian
donderblad Dutch
rojnik murowy Polish
живучка кровельная Russian
молодило кровельное Russian
скояки Russian
skalnica strechová Slovak
navadni netresk Slovene
burgull Albanian
taklök Swedish
молодило покрівельне Ukrainian