EPPO Global Database

Pericallis x hybrida(SENCR)


Organism Type
Chrysanthemum stunt viroid (CSVD00) Host
* EFSA Panel on Plant Health (2012) Scientific Opinion on the risk to plant health posed by Chrysanthemum stunt viroid for the EU territory, with identification and evaluation of risk reduction options. EFSA Journal. 10(12), 3027.

* Verhoeven JThJ (2010) Identification and epidemiology of pospiviroids. Thesis. Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands, 136 pp. ISBN 978-90-8585-623-8.
Liriomyza trifolii (LIRITR) Host
* Dreistadt SH (2001) Integrated Pest Management for Floriculture and Nurseries. Publication 3402. University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, USA. 422 pp.
------- as Senecio cruentus, related to cultivated varieties.
Orthotospovirus impatiensnecromaculae (INSV00) Host
* Daughtrey ML (1996) Detection and identification of tospoviruses in greehouses. Acta Horticulturae 431, 90-98.

* Tanina K, Inoue K, Date H, Okuda M, Hanada K, Nasu H, Kasuyama S (2001) Necrotic spot disease of cineraria caused by Impatiens necrotic spot virus. Japanese Journal of Phytopathology 67, 42-45.
------- As Senecio x hybridus.
Orthotospovirus tomatomaculae (TSWV00) Host
* Parrella G, Gognalons P, Gebre-Selassie K, Vovlas C, Marchoux G (2003) An update of the host range of tomato spotted wilt virus. Journal of Plant Pathology 85(4), 227-264.
------- Confirmed host. As Senecio x hybridus.
Nemorimyza maculosa (AMAZMA) Major host