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Sedum forsterianum(SEDFS)

Code created in: 2004-04-18

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SEDFS
  • Preferred name: Sedum forsterianum
  • Authority: Smith


Western Europe from Spain to Britain and Germany, Morocco

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Sedum aureum Wirtgen
Sedum elegans Lejeune
Sedum forsterianum subsp. elegans (Lejeune) Warburg
Sedum rupestre subsp. elegans (Lejeune) Hegi & Schmid

Common names
Name Language
rock stonecrop English (GB)
Forsters Mauerpfeffer German
zierliche Fetthenne German
orpin de Forster French
orpin élégant French
sédum de Forster French
sédum élégant French
sierlijk vetkruid Dutch
arroz-das-paredes Portuguese
arroz-de-los-paredes Portuguese
arroz-dos-telhados Portuguese
tofsfetknopp Swedish