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Scrophularia canina subsp. hoppii(SCUHO)

Code created in: 2015-08-21

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SCUHO
  • Preferred name: Scrophularia canina subsp. hoppii
  • Authority: (Koch) Fournier


Mountains of central Europe, from Jura to Alps and Balkans

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Scrophularia canina subsp. juratensis (Wydler) Bonnier & Layens
Scrophularia hoppii Koch
Scrophularia juratensis Wydler

Common names
Name Language
alpine figwort English
Jura-Braunwurz German
jurassische Braunwurz German
scrofulaire de Hoppe French
scrophulaire de Hoppe French
scrophulaire des chiens French
scrophulaire du Jura French
escrofularia canina Spanish
escrofularia menor Spanish
meaperros Spanish
scrofularia del Giura Italian
scrofularia di Hoppe Italian
escrofulĂ ria de ca Catalan
herba pudent Catalan
perasti strupnik Croatian