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Scorpiurus subvillosus(SCSMS)

Code created in: 2014-01-05

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SCSMS
  • Preferred name: Scorpiurus subvillosus
  • Authority: Linnaeus


S. subvillosus and S. sulcatus have been regarded as subspecies, or synonyms, of S. muricatus, and the respective overlapping geographical distributions of the three species remain to be fully resolved. S. subvillosus has the wider distribution: Mediterranean in general (including Libya and Egypt), Near East, Canary Islands. In Spain, it occurs in the north and east, but does not occur in Portugal or Madeira

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Scorpiurus muricatus subsp. subvillosus (Linnaeus) Thellung

Common names
Name Language
chenillette poilue French
scorpiure poilu French
scorpiure velu French
cagarria Spanish
granillo de oveja Spanish
granillo de vaca Spanish
gusano de vaca Spanish
hierba del alacrán Spanish
hierba del escorpión Spanish
lechuguilla Spanish
lengua de oveja Spanish
lengua de vaca Spanish
oruga de vaca Spanish
oruga erizada Spanish
erba-lombrica Italian
cabreira Portuguese
cornilhão Portuguese
erva-carneirinha Portuguese
личинник колючковатый Russian
скорпионница колючая Russian
koyundücüğü Turkish
влакнест скорпиурус Bulgarian
eruga eriçada Catalan
herba d'eruga Catalan
orella de lebre Catalan
orelle de ratolí Catalan
navadna škorpijonka Slovene