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Schinus molle(SCIMO)

Code created in: 2002-04-08

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SCIMO
  • Preferred name: Schinus molle
  • Authority: Linnaeus


South America (east of Andes). Widely cultivated as an ornamental tree. Introduced in Mediterranean, Western Asia, southern Africa, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean. The species name "molle" is not Latin, but taken from a local language.

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Common names
Name Language
California pepper tree English
pepper tree English
Peruvian mastic English
Peruvian mastic tree English
Peruvian pepper tree English
peruanischer Pfefferbaum German
faux poivrier French
faux poivrier d'Amérique French
faux poivrier du Pérou French
faux poivrier odorant French
poivrier d'Amérique French
aguaribay Spanish (HN)
arbol de pimienta Spanish
muelle Spanish
pimentero falso Spanish
pimiento Spanish (AR)
pimiento falso Spanish
piru Spanish (HN)
tarebinto Spanish (AR)
turbinto Spanish
albero del pepe Italian
pepe del Perù Italian
pepe falso Italian
schino Italian
Amerikaanse peperboom Dutch
anacauita Portuguese
aroeira Portuguese
aroeira-do-mato Portuguese (BR)
aroeira-mansa Portuguese
aroeira-mole Portuguese
aroeira-piriquita Portuguese
aroeira-salsa Portuguese (BR)
aroeira-salso Portuguese
pimenteira-americana Portuguese
pimenteira-bastarda Portuguese
pimenteiro Portuguese
cхинус мягкий Russian
перуанский перец Russian
шинус мягкий Russian
dru i piperit Albanian
الفلفل الكاذب Arabic
перуански пипер Bulgarian
шинус Bulgarian
pebrer bord Catalan