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Salix euxina(SAXFR)

Code created in: 2003-05-22

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SAXFR
  • Preferred name: Salix euxina
  • Authority: Belyaeva


Eastern Europe and Caucasus.

Introduced into Western Europe, where it readily hybridized with S. alba, giving rise to an extensive hybrid population named S. x fragilis. The name S. fragilis Linnaeus has been used in the past for S. euxina, but it is not a valid scientific name, because it has also been used in relation to another taxon, S. x fragilis

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Salix decipiens Hoffmann
Salix fragilis var. sphaerica Hryniewiecki
Salix x fragilis var. sphaerica Hryniewiecki

Common names
Name Language
Black Sea willow English
ива эвксинская Russian
biyareş Turkish
törékeny fűz Hungarian
krhka vrba Croatian
vrba křehká Czech
ιτιά Greek
salcie plesnitoare Romanian
vŕba krehká Slovak
верба ламка Ukrainian