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Salvia microphylla(SALMC)

Code created in: 2013-05-02

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: SALMC
  • Preferred name: Salvia microphylla
  • Authority: Kunth


Mexico and southern USA. Widely cultivated in many cultivars, and occasionally naturalized in western Europe

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Salvia grahamii Bentham
Salvia lemmonii A. Gray

Common names
Name Language
baby sage English
blackcurrant sage English
Graham's sage English
Lemmon's sage English
Johannisbeersalbei German
sauge à petites feuilles French
sauge de Graham French
chupeticos Spanish
mirto de monte Spanish
salvia granadina Spanish
salvia micro Spanish
salvia rosa Spanish
erva-dos-rapazinhos Portuguese
mirto-de-monte Portuguese
salvia-rosa Portuguese
svartvinbärssalvia Swedish
svartvinbärssalvia Swedish
шалфей Леммона Russian
шалфей мелколистный Russian
szałwia drobnolistna Polish