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Coincya monensis subsp. cheiranthos(RYNCH)

Code created in: 2002-02-11

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: RYNCH
  • Preferred name: Coincya monensis subsp. cheiranthos
  • Authority: (Villars) Aedo Pérez, Leadlay & Muñoz Garmendia


Western Europe (Morocco to Italy to Britain and Germany), i.e. throughout the range of the species

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Brassica cheiranthos Villars
Brassicella montana (de Candolle) Hess & Landolt
Coincya cheiranthos (Villars) Greuter & Burdet
Coincya cheiranthos subsp. montana (de Candolle) Greuter & Burdet
Coincya cintrana (Coutinho) Pinto da Silva
Coincya monensis subsp. recurvata (Allioni) Leadlay
Hutera pseudoerucastrum (Brotero) Gómez-Campo
Rhynchosinapis cheiranthos (Villars) Dandy
Rhynchosinapis pseudoerucastrum (Brotero) Franco
Sinapis cheiranthos Koch
Sinapis cheiranthus (Villars) Koch

Common names
Name Language
wallflower cabbage English
echter Lacksenf German
Lacksenf German
Schnabelsenf German
chou giroflée French
coincya fausse-giroflée French
coincye des montagnes French
coincye giroflée French
moutarde giroflée French
senape violaciocca Italian
muurbloemmosterd Dutch
brassicel·la Catalan