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Rhipsalis baccifera(RPSBA)

Code created in: 2010-03-19

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: RPSBA
  • Preferred name: Rhipsalis baccifera
  • Authority: (Mueller) Stearn


USA (Florida), Central America, Caribbean, South America. Also Indian subcontinent, tropical Africa, Madagascar. An epiphytic cactus, of which numerous subspecies have been described. R. baccifera is the only cactus to occur outside the Americas, and the suggestion has been made that it was introduced to the Old World relatively recently, by means which can only be conjectural 

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cassytha baccifera Solander
Rhipsalis bartlettii Clover
Rhipsalis bermejensis Ritter
Rhipsalis cassutha Gaertner
Rhipsalis cassythoides (de Candolle) G. Don
Rhipsalis comorensis Weber
Rhipsalis coralloides Rauh
Rhipsalis heptagona Rauh & Backeberg
Rhipsalis madagascariensis Weber
Rhipsalis minutiflora Schumann
Rhipsalis pilosa Schumann
Rhipsalis suareziana Weber

Common names
Name Language
mistletoe cactus English
Binsenkaktus German
Mistelkaktus German
cassutha French
rhipsalis French
cactus vischio Italian
cacto-macarrão Portuguese
ripsális Portuguese
korallkaktus Swedish
ripusarisu Japanese
リプサリス Japanese
коралловый кактус Russian
рипсалис Russian