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Melinis repens(RHYRE)

Code created in: 1997-06-26

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: RHYRE
  • Preferred name: Melinis repens
  • Authority: (Willdenow) Zizka


Southwest Mediterranean (Morocco), Western Asia (Arabia, Yemen), practically all Africa (except Guinée and Mali), Madagascar. Introduced in Italy, Western Asia (Pakistan), Himalayas, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indochina (except Cambodia), Malesia (Malaya, Java, Philippines), China (including Taiwan), USA (southern), Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America (northwest to Bolivia, eastern Brazil and Argentina), New Guinea, New Zealand

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Melinis argentea Mez
Melinis brachyrhynchos Mez
Melinis rosea (Nees von Esenbeck) Hackel
Panicum roseum (Nees von Esenbeck) Steudel
Panicum teneriffae var. rosea F.M.Bailey
Rhynchelytrum repens (Willdenow) C.E.Hubbard
Rhynchelytrum roseum (Nees von Esenbeck) Bews
Saccharum repens Willdenow
Tricholaena repens (Willdenow) Hitchcock
Tricholaena rosea Nees
Tricholaena sphacelata Bentham

Common names
Name Language
fairy grass English
Natal grass English
Natal redtop English
red top grass English (ZA)
ruby grass English
wine grass English
Haarmantelgras German
Natalgras German
herbe du Natal French
herbe mauve French
herbe rose French
cola de zorra Spanish (HN)
grama seda Spanish
hierba de linea Spanish (CU)
paja rosada Spanish
pasto natal Spanish
zacate rosado Spanish (HN)
capim-do-natal Portuguese
capim-favorito Portuguese (BR)
capim-gafanhoto Portuguese
capim-natal Portuguese
hóng máo cǎo Chinese
红毛草 Chinese