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Rhinanthus angustifolius subsp. grandiflorus(RHIGR)

Code created in: 2004-04-18

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: RHIGR
  • Preferred name: Rhinanthus angustifolius subsp. grandiflorus
  • Authority: (Wallroth) Webb


Europe (except Iberian Peninsula). Ths distribution of this subspecies is the same as that given for the nominate subspecies. This appears questionable

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Alectorolophus aestivalis (Zinger) Shishkin
Alectorolophus grandiflorus Wallroth
Rhinanthus apterus (Fries) Ostenfeld
Rhinanthus grandiflorus (Wallroth) Soó
Rhinanthus serotinus subsp. vernalis (Zinger) Hylander
Rhinanthus vernalis (Zinger) Shishkin & Sergievskaya

Common names
Name Language
greater yellow rattle English
great yellow rattle English
großer Klappertopf German
kahler Klappertopf German
cocriste French
grand cocriste French
grand rhinanthe French
rhinanthe à grandes fleurs French
rhinanthe crête-de-coq French
cresta de gallo mayor Spanish
hierba de fuego Spanish
rinanto mayor Spanish
cresta di gallo maggiore Italian
rinanto maggiore Italian
grote ratelaar Dutch
höstkallra Swedish
погремок бескрылый Russian
погремок сахалинский Russian
šuškavac Croatian
дзвінець безкрилий Ukrainian
дзвінець весняний Ukrainian