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Rheum officinale(RHEOF)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: RHEOF
  • Preferred name: Rheum officinale
  • Authority: Baillon


China. Used medicinally as an extract from the dried rhizomes and roots. In former centuries, medicinal rhubarb was a major export from China to Europe. Introduced in Indochina

Common names
Name Language
Chinese rhubarb English
medicinal rhubarb English
Kanton-Rhabarber German
Medizinalrhabarber German
südchinesischer Rhabarber German
rhubarbe médicinale French
Turkse rabarber Dutch
ruibarbo Portuguese
läkerabarber Swedish
ревень лекарственный Russian
rabarbar lekarski Polish
rzewień lekarski Polish
orvosi rebarbara Hungarian
yào yòng dà huáng Chinese
药用大黄 Chinese
reveň lékařská Czech
rebarbora lekárska Slovak