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Rhamnus saxatilis(RHASA)

Code created in: 2004-04-18

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: RHASA
  • Preferred name: Rhamnus saxatilis
  • Authority: Jacquin


Europe (southern) to Germany, Greece and western Black Sea countries (but not Asia or Caucasus). Several subspecies have been described, of which only subsp. tinctoria is at present maintained (in the eastern part of the range). A yellow dye is obtained from the berries, which are marketed as Persian or Avignon berry. It is not altogether clear which species or subspecies provide the dye: as well as subsp. tinctoria, subsp. species saxatilis in the western part of the range may be involved, and also other Rhamnus spp. from western Asia (as evidenced by the name Persian berry and references to Asia as the source of the dye)

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Rhamnus infectoria Linnaeus
Rhamnus saxatilis subsp. infectoria (Linnaeus) Fournier
Rhamnus saxatilis subsp. saxatilis Jacquin
Rhamnus saxatilis subsp. villarsii (Jordan) Fournier

Common names
Name Language
Avignon berry English
Persian berry English
Persian-berry buckthorn English
rock buckthorn English
Färberdorn German
Färberkreuzdorn German
Felsenkreuzdorn German
graine d'Avignon French
graine jaune French
grainette des boutiques French
nerprun des rochers French
nerprun des teinturiers French
nerprun fétide French
petit nerprun French
artos Spanish
espino de tintes Spanish
espino de tintoreros Spanish
espino negro Spanish
licio Italian
licio italiano Italian
prunello Italian
ramno rupestre Italian
ranno sassatile Italian
ranno spinello Italian
espinheiro-dos-tintureiros Portuguese
sziklai benge Hungarian
arrç Albanian
pjerzë Albanian
espino de tintes Aragonese
скална зърника Bulgarian
aladera menut Catalan
aladern Catalan
aladern menut Catalan
arç blanc Catalan
espina cervina de fulla petita Catalan
trabucaperols Catalan
kamenjarska krkavina Croatian
grana d'Avignon Occitan
стењачки пасдрен Serbian
razkrečena kozja češnja Slovene