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Ranunculus omiophyllus(RANOM)

Code created in: 2014-12-11

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: RANOM
  • Preferred name: Ranunculus omiophyllus
  • Authority: Tenore


Western Europe, from Portugal to France, Netherlands, Britain and Ireland, southern Italy

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Batrachium omiophyllum (Tenore) Cook
Ranunculus lenormandii Schultz

Common names
Name Language
round-leaved water crowfoot English
westlicher Wasserhahnenfuß German
renoncule à feuilles semblables French
renoncule de Lenormand French
ranuncolo ederaceo Italian
drijvende waterranonkel Dutch
kempense waterranonkel Dutch
néal uisce cruinn Irish