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Ranunculus trichophyllus subsp. eradicatus(RANED)

Code created in: 2014-12-11

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: RANED
  • Preferred name: Ranunculus trichophyllus subsp. eradicatus
  • Authority: (Laestadius) Cook


Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia, Siberia, Russian Far East. Also Alps, and mountains of Portugal and western Spain. In Russia, this plant is regarded as a distinct species Batrachium eradicatum. In North America, this species occurs in the Far North (circumpolar), but is considered to be a form of the American taxon R. aquatilis var. diffusus

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Batrachium confervoides Fries
Batrachium eradicatum (Laestadius) Fries
Ranunculus eradicatus (Laestadius) Nevski
Ranunculus lutulentus Perring & Songeon

Common names
Name Language
Brunnen-Wasserhahnenfuß German
renoncule déracinée French
ranuncolo sradicato Italian
hårmöja Swedish
водяной лютик неукореняющийся Russian
лютик неукореняющийся Russian
шелковник неукореняющийся Russian
dværg-vandranunkel Danish
dvergvassoleie Norwegian
hentosätkin Finnish
lónasóley Icelandic
mazsakņu ūdensgundega Latvian
rumenkasta vodna zlatica Slovene