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Ralstonia solanacearum species complex(RALSSO)

Distribution details in Nicaragua

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2020: Present, no details
On banana, and on tomato, potato.
* Álvarez E, Pantoja A, Gañán L, Ceballos G (2015) Current status of Moko disease and black sigatoka in Latin America and the Caribbean, and options for managing them CIAT publication No. 404
------- Moko disease (caused by R. solanacearum [phylotype II]) is officially recorded in Nicaragua.

* Berlin A and Eitrem S (2005) Tomato Diseases, Quality, Yield and Pesticide Use: A Field Study in Nicaragua. Institutionen för växtproduktionsekologi, Uppsala, Sweden. https://stud.epsilon.slu.se/12369/1/berlin_a_eitrem_s_171018.pdf
------- Bacterial wilt of tomato (R. solanacearum sensu lato) suspected in INTA experimental stations in the departments of Matagalpa and Masaya

* Buddenhagen IW and Elsasser TA (1962) An insect-spread bacterial wilt epiphytic of Bluggoe banana. Nature 194, 164–165. doi: 10.1038/194164a0
------- R. solanacearum [phylotype II] (SFR strain) transmitted by insects was first reported in Nicaragua.

* Gómez M, Manuel L (2020) Evaluación de la tolerancia de portainjertos de tomate y berenjena para el manejo de Ralstonia solanacearum [Smith (1896) Yabuuchi et al., 1996], León Nicaragua, 2019. Master thesis, Universidad Nacional Agraria.
------- R. solanacearum sensu lato (identified as biovar 3) isolated from tomato with bacterial wilt in the department of Jinotega.

* Ríos-Morales G (2007) Distribución y variabilidad de Ralstonia solanacearum E.F. Smith, agente causal de marchitez bacteriana en el cultivo de papa (Solanum tuberosumL), en tres departamentos del norte de Nicaragua (Estelí, Matagalpa y Jinotega). Tesis Ing. Agr. Universidad Nacional Agraria, Facultad de Agronomía. Managua, NI. 44 p
------- R. solanacearum sensu lato (biovars 1 and 3) detected on potato grown from uncertified seed in northern Nicaragua (departments of Estelí, Matagalpa y Jinotega)

* RPP 49, 3740.
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