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Ralstonia solanacearum species complex(RALSSO)

Distribution details in New Caledonia

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2015: Present, restricted distribution
EPPO Reporting Service (1999/161) : mainly on tomatoes on the north-east coast; potatoes are rarely infected.

EPPO Reporting Service (2015/146) : race 3 biovar2 found in seed potatoes which had been planted in La Foa and Bourail (Province Sud). Under eradication.

Pastou et al. (2020): first report of Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum on potato and tomato.
* Daly, P. (1999) Les cultures légumières en Nouvelle-Calédonie. Situation des maladies et des ravageurs. Phytoma - La Défense des Végétaux, no. 519, 28-30.

* IPPC website. Official Pest Reports – New Caledonia (NCL-02/1 of 2015-08-17) Ralstonia solanacearum bv2, race 3 in New Caledonia. https://www.ippc.int/en/countries/new-caledonia/pestreports/2015/08/ralstonia-solanacearum-bv2-race-3-in-new-caledonia/

* Pastou D, Chéron JJ, Cellier G, Guérin F, Poussier S (2020) First report of Ralstonia pseudosolanacearum Phylotype I causing bacterial wilt in New Caledonia. Plant Disease 104, 278 https://doi.org/10.1094/PDIS-05-19-1068-PDN
------- In July 2017, during the cool season, BW-like symptoms were observed in two potato and two tomato plots in the Western and Eastern coasts of New Caledonia, respectively. R. pseudosolanacearum [phylotype I sequevar 18] was confirmed for all isolates from potato in Pouembout and tomato crops in Ponerihouen and Canala. R. solanacearum [phylotype IIB-1] was not detected.