EPPO Global Database

Quercus suber(QUESU)

Last modification: 2002-02-11

Basic information
  • EPPO code: QUESU
  • Preferred name: Quercus suber
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Western Mediterranean. Bark is repeatedly harvested from the living trees as the source of  cork. This species is not normally established in plantations, but existing populations are managed, enriched and maintained in the long term.  

Common names
Name Language
корков дъб Bulgarian
alzina surera Catalan
suberaie Catalan
sureda Catalan
surera Catalan
suro Catalan
dub korkový Czech
kork-eg Danish
Korkeiche German
Pantoffelbaum German
δρύς φελλοφόρος Greek
cork oak English
alcornoque Spanish
chaparro Spanish
suro Spanish
artelatza Basque
chêne liège French
chêne occidental French
corcier French
sioure French
surier French
suve French
šuvor  Croatian
paratölgy Hungarian
quercia da sughero Italian
quercia sughera Italian
sughera Italian
kurkeik Dutch
dąb korkowy Polish
chaparreiro Portuguese
chaparrobro Portuguese
sobreiro Portuguese
sobro Portuguese
sovereiro Portuguese
sôvero Portuguese
stejar de plută Romanian
дуб пробковый Russian
dub korkový Slovak
korkek Swedish
дуб пробковий Ukrainian