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Prospero obtusifolium(QRQOB)

Code created in: 2015-09-24

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: QRQOB
  • Preferred name: Prospero obtusifolium
  • Authority: (Poiret) Speta


Western and southern Mediterranean. Plants from the northern part of the range (e.g. Corsica) have been distinguished as subsp. intermedium, but do not appear distinct in cultivation

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Prospero obtusifolium subsp. intermedium (Gussone) Béguinot
Scilla intermedia Gussone
Scilla obtusifolia Poiret
Scilla obtusifolia subsp. obtusifolia Poiret

Common names
Name Language
scille à feuilles obtuses French
escil·la obtusifòlia Catalan