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Pilosella saussureoides(QJLSU)

Code created in: 2016-01-23

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: QJLSU
  • Preferred name: Pilosella saussureoides
  • Authority: Arvet-Touvet


Morocco to France and Italy. Dubiously distinct from P. officinarum

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Hieracium niveum (Müller von Aargau) Zahn
Hieracium saussureoides Arvet-Touvet
Hieracium tardans Peter
Pilosella tardans (Peter) Sojak

Common names
Name Language
schneeweißes Habichtskraut German
épervière fausse-saussurée French
épervière tardive French
oreja de ratón Spanish
pelosilla Spanish
sparviere falsa saussurea Italian
sparviere niveo Italian