EPPO Global Database

Puccinia striiformis(PUCCST)

Code created in: 2002-03-11

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Puccinia striiformis
  • Authority: Westendorp

Common names
Name Language
glume rust of wheat English
stripe rust of barley English
stripe rust of grasses English
stripe rust of rye English
stripe rust of wheat English
yellow rust of agropyron English
yellow rust of barley English
yellow rust of meadowgrass English
yellow rust of rye English
yellow rust of wheat English
Gelbrost: Gerste German
Gelbrost: Gräser German
Gelbrost: Quecke German
Gelbrost: Roggen German
Gelbrost: Weizen German
Gelbrost: Wiesenrispe German
rouille jaune de l'orge French
rouille jaune des graminées French
rouille jaune du blé French
rouille jaune du pâturin French
rouille jaune du seigle French
rouille jaune striée de l'orge French
rouille jaune striée du blé French
roya amarilla de la cebada Spanish
roya amarilla de la poa de los prados Spanish
roya amarilla del centeno Spanish
roya amarilla del trigo Spanish
roya amarilla: gramineas Spanish
gulrost Swedish
gulrust Danish
rdza zólta Polish
geltonosios rūdys Lithuanian