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Pterocarpus indicus(PTKIN)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PTKIN
  • Preferred name: Pterocarpus indicus
  • Authority: Willdenow


India, Bangladesh, Indochina (excpt Laos), Malesia, China (including Taiwan), New Guinea. Prized in southeast Asia as a street and garden tree, also producing valuable timber and used in traditional medicine. Threatened in the wild.  Introduced in Sri Lanka, Central Africa, Australia. Declared the national tree of the Philippines

Common names
Name Language
amboyna wood English
Andaman redwood English
angsana English
Burmese rosewood English
Indian padauk English
narra English
Papua New Guinea rosewood English
pashu padauk English
Philippine mahogany English
echtes Sandelholz German
indisches Rosenholz German
bois de corail French
bois de rose de Birmanie French
sang-dragon French
santal rouge French
pau-rosa-de-birmânia Portuguese
zǐ tán Chinese
紫檀 Chinese
angsana Indonesian